Candidate Testimonials

At Mondo Search, we care about the career paths of our candidates. Here are some recent testimonials.

I recently used Mondo Max's services becuase after almost 15 years with the one employer my resume and social media profiles needed a major overhaul. The team at Mondo Max met with me for a complete review and we worked together to update and refresh all my platforms. This upgrade has made a huge impact towards placing me in the best position to showcase who I am and what I do to potential new employers.I highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to keep current and present the best version of themselves and most importantly to always be ready when opportunity comes knocking at the door." Pamela Ferry, Mondo Max Client/Candidate

"My experience with Simone and Mondo Search has been fantastic; I have found Simone approachable, professional, honest diligent and more.  It made my experience with the interviewing process much easier, she was always friendly to deal with and overall a great support!  She has been a pleasure to deal with; I would absolutely recommend Simone and Mondo Search to anyone!" Susan Liu, Candidate

“Mondo Search made the process of applying for a new job easy and enjoyable, I was very happy with the professional service I received.” Jane Bennett, Candidate

“I am eternally grateful to the team at Mondo Search for their role in facilitating my transition into the wine industry. The team provided guidance, insight, and support throughout my career transition, and I am now happy than ever working in the wine industry and following my passion. Now I get paid for doing something that I love. And I thank Mondo for that.” Monique Farrow, Candidate

“I have been placed by Mondo Search twice throughout my career and find Carmela and the team to be professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Their understanding of the drinks industry is second to none and they have formed excellent relationships with both job seekers and recruiting managers that has ensured candidates are appropriately matched with ease. I would highly recommend Mondo Search for all appointments, particularly within the wine and drinks industry.” Kate Kriven, Candidate

“My experience with Mondo Search, was very pleasant. They asked relevant questions regarding my background and experience and checked my references. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the interview process.” Elaine Nikiforoff, Candidate

“Sue has been fantastic to deal with! Her honesty about the position paved the way for an excellent first interview and a prospective new career that is really suited to my skills and passions. She's always sure to follow up on the status of my application and has a friendly manner that makes her enjoyable to deal with.” Justine Olsen, Candidate

“For the last 13 years I have had the pleasure of working with Simone and the team at Mondo Search and have always found them to be professional, considered and determined with a knack of pursuing the organisational role and fit that is perfect for me...with a 3 for 3 track record on landing me a role I would say that it is the right approach.” Rodney Sammut, Candidate