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Client Care

A Note from Our Director:

"We care about the career paths and the importance of the correct career decisions for our candidates. This in turn leads to clients who know that we care about their success through hiring people who are committed to their new career journey." Simone Allan – Director

Mondo Search has identified the importance of global industry specialisation. We follow industry news, attend key industry functions, write Human Resource articles in relevant trade journals and have built enormous market intelligence about these industries. We believe that you need to know the mechanics of the particular industry in order to identify the most appropriate people for your business, whether it be from within your industry or from outside.

Search Strategists
Mondo Search has extensive world-wide industry networks. We work closely with our clients to devise a program to recruit top quality people, whether it is through trade referrals, advertising, or pure research and search methodologies.

Highly Selective with Our Clients and Candidates
Mondo Search offers a personal recruitment service to our clients. We believe that you cannot be "all things to all people". We maximise quality relationships and in order to do this we work intimately with our clients. In order to add value and recruit for a company, we get to know how the team works before working with them.

We offer personalised account management so that you only deal with "one dedicated consultant", who thoroughly understands your business. We become a part of our candidates "career "journeys so that we can make sure their decision to accept a role is ideally their next "best" step. As industry specialists, we at Mondo Search pride ourselves on high standards of work and value ethical quality relationships - referrals are our major form of marketing.